These stylish and timeless mosaic, nut leaf tiles are easily adaptable and fit in exceptionally well in a bathroom adding a touch of nature and freshness. Each leaf has been individually moulded by hand and placed delicately onto the background gauze. Bringing the outside in...
There are two different flower tiles; Allium and Heracleum. They are 15x15cm in size and are both relief tiles. The Allium(latin for garlic) tile is an impressive flower that creates stunning umbels at the top of long stalks. The flowers can reach 8 to 10 cm in diametre. The Heracleum, more commonly known as the cow parsnip, forms umbrella like flowers. These tiles look stunning as a splashback in this very contemporary kitchen adding a touch of country chic. 

Yves Rocher Concept Store

There are five different 12x12cm imprint tiles: Gunnera, Foxglove, Walnut, Fern and Fennel. They are each moulded individually by hand and then glazed and fired at 950°C. Each tile is different and has a story of its own. These tiles are ideal used as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom in any shade you desire.