Nature is the biggest source of inspiration for me today, my research is about my surroundings and my environment like Leaves, Bark, Flowers and Grass. There is nothing more simple yet there is nothing more refined or elegant than nature. We are continually searching for a better quality of life. For those who live in big cities who are surrounded by grey cement and bricks think again.

Bring the outside in with these beautiful and unusual tiles. With their botanical designs they are a strong statement whatever your style. There are tiles for all kinds of spaces and can transform a room bringing it alive. With a host of designs, these tiles will add a new dimension to a surface, turning a room into a stunning space with minimum effort. They work just as well in kitchens as in bathrooms or simply as a decorative piece framed on a wall. These tiles are an ideal way of integrating a little bit of greenery into your own homes. Imagine an entire wall tiled in leaves or a floor sprinkled with leaves. They represent the very best of what nature has to offer.

Inspirational, evocative and bespoke ceramic tiles, with natural imprints, by british designer Karen Ledolley-Smith.- Mentions légales - Conception  Simon Basset